Fees Structure

The following fees schedule is applicable for Online / Offline candidates seeking admission during 2021  :

Beginner program

The following detailed information is submitted for the absolute beginner,  

should you need more info please contact +91-7093000999.

Duration : 12 weeks
Fee : INR 14,980
Admission fee (One-time) : Rs2900


  • Frequency: weekly 2 session

  • Method: Individual Private lessons

  • Duration: 40 minutes one on one

  • Time :  from 12:00 PM to 8:00 PM

  • All study materials provided by the school

  • EXAMINATION | CERTIFICATION On successful completion of the given level, 

  • The student will be presented to the Examinations conducted by the West London University.

  • Student can participate in Recital / Concerts conducted by the Philips school

Woman Playing the Violin

Admission Policy

If you are looking for admission into Philips International School of Music for  :

  • Piano

  • Guitar

  • Drums

  • Violin

  • Electronic keyboards

  • Theory of Music

  • Ukulele

  • Western Vocals


Philips School of Music welcomes applications for admission from anyone who has completed 5  years of age, there is no maximum age limit, and is committed to the musical arts. 
Applicants are evaluated according to standards that gauge abilities and talent in the music, Simple things like sense of pitch, Sense of rhythm or rhythmic patterns, or ability to follow a study pulse will be assessed before the admission if the student is found satisfactory admission will be provided.
Most often there is always a waiting list of candidates for admission for both Online / Offline
Admission to The Philips School, Each year the number of applicants for admission far exceeds the number of spaces available, 

This is true at all levels/grades of admission, although the competition for admission to specific programs may vary from year to year.

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