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Founder | Administrator

Philip Rao,  BSc  LLCM  ALCM (TD)

Official Representative

The University of West London

London College of Music Examinations

Philip holds a degree in Science and is a Western Classical Music graduate, having earned the Licentiate of the London College of Music (LLCM) from the University of West London. In addition, he has attained the Associate Diploma (ALCM TD) from the London College of Music, which further highlights his expertise in teaching music.

Philip's extensive qualifications include certification as a member of The Registry of Guitar Tutors London and over three decades of experience as a certified RGT tutor. He began his musical journey studying classical guitar and piano as a child and went on to perform in local church choirs. Philip's talent has been recognized and featured on various media platforms, including local and national TV channels, FM radio, and regional print media.

As the founder of Philips School of Music, Philip is dedicated to advancing music pedagogy. He currently teaches after-school programs in Jubilee Hills and Gachibowli, where he imparts his vast knowledge and skills to his students.

Philip receiving the Licentiate of 'London College of Music' at University of West London graduation ceremony 

Ms. Rebecca R Philip, BBA, ALCM (TD)
HOD Western Music Department & Keys

Rebecca Philip is a dedicated piano teacher who takes great pleasure in guiding and inspiring children on their musical journey. With her profound pedagogical expertise and vast knowledge of diverse musical styles, Rebecca is able to ignite the curiosity and passion of her students.

Hailing from Hyderabad, Rebecca embarked on her musical career at the tender age of four under the tutelage of her father, Mr. Philip. During her formative years, she honed her skills on several instruments including the guitar and recorder, but her love for the piano grew and it has since become her instrument of choice. Her formal education in Western classical music has imbued her with exceptional technical proficiency.

Rebecca earned her Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from St. Mary's College in addition to her qualifications as a piano teacher, including a Graduate Diploma in Piano Teaching (ALCM (TD)) earned from the London College of Music, University of West London.

In addition to her teaching commitments, Rebecca is actively involved in various musical projects. She has attended masterclasses with distinguished pianists in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, continually seeking out new sources of inspiration to augment her own artistic development.

With The University of West London Vice Chancellor

Dr Peter John and

London College of Music Director 

Professor John Howard

Sir C V Raman Academy Awards
Philip honoured with the award for contribution to music education.
With the LCM team University of West London, during Graduation ceremony

Founder Director | Philips international School of Music, Philip, was presented with the Outstanding Contribution to Music Education Award 2014 at the Indira Priyadarshini Auditorium, Public Gardens, Nampally, Hyderabad.


The School  

( 1992 - 2023 )

Philips School of Music originated in 1992 as an "Experimental Class for School Children," consisting of ten young students. Since its inception, the school has experienced tremendous growth and is now a renowned institution in the field of music education with an enrollment of over 500 students.

Through rigorous testing and experimentation, the school has developed a child-friendly music pedagogy that leverages industry best practices. The primary objective of this approach is to encourage the students to unlock their potential and nurture their talents to freely express themselves through music. Today, Philips School of Music has expanded into a comprehensive system and is recognized as the official representative for the prestigious exams of West London University. The institution has trained thousands of students and employed numerous teachers across various locations in the twin cities of Hyderabad, and its students have successfully obtained qualifications from various exam boards.

The affiliation  

Centre "London College of Music"

' Philips School of Music ' is now the official Center for LCM Exams in Hyderabad, INDIA.



London College of Music is the largest specialist music and performing arts institutions in the UK. The college was founded in 1887 as an establishment devoted to music education. In 1991 it became part of the University of West London, one of the largest universities in the UK, spread across three campuses.

The music college has unrivalled facilities in the heart of London's music and media business district. Its curriculum embraces innovations and advances, creating one of the country's most prestigious and sought-after degrees in Performing Arts and Music Technology.














RGT is the world's largest organisation of guitar teachers and, provides accredited exams in electric guitar, rock guitar, acoustic guitar, jazz guitar, bass guitar, classical guitar and popular music theory. Exams take place throughout all regions of the UK, as well as in Europe, America, Far East, including HYDERABAD.

Cretified guitar tutor
Certified RGT tutor
London College of Music and Philips School of Music
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