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Courses for Guitar - Acoustic / Electric 

The Philips School brings you this accelerated Acoustic/Electric Guitar course designed to take you from beginner to intermediate player in no time. The instruction with world-renowned guitarist methods takes you step-by-step through the basics. You start by learning the parts of the guitar, proper hand position, tuning, essential chords and scales, lead patterns, practice tips, rhythm techniques, and exercises to build hand coordination. You then move onto advanced lead guitar techniques like Hammer-ons, pull-offs, bending, and complete rhythm progressions. This comprehensive course will get you ready to play in your own band.

Philips School of Music, provides Guitar classes in Hyderabad, by professional guitar teachers, comprehensive training to children ages 6+ years and older. Our unique approach combines the best of traditional teaching methods with advanced pedagogical systems such as the RGT Method. Our instructors are all highly trained professional musicians with a passion for teaching. Our students regularly achieve perfect scores in local and national competitions, and gain a love of music and performing.

             While each teacher has their own individually developed curriculum and set of books & teaching materials that they use, all students are encouraged to go through the graded syllabus provided by RGT London, so that they will be qualified in the event that they get through grade exams.

          The RGT- Guitar curriculum covers all aspects of Guitar playing including classical repertoire, technique, and sight-reading as well as important subjects such as music theory, ear-training, music history, rhythm training, and general musicianship. More advanced students, in theory, can take the LCM theory exam.

WhatsApp now for details : 7093 000 999

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